Cosa aspettarsi da un corso di inglese Cambridge


Le certificazioni in lingua inglese Cambridge sono le migliori, quindi è comprensibile che possa sembrarti un po' intimidatorio capire cosa sia effettivamente un corso Cambridge. Siamo qui per spiegartelo in modo da non avere sorprese. La struttura Cambridge ha stabilito lo standard di ciò che dovrebbe essere raggiunto a ciascun livello di inglese, quindi sei in buone mani per superare l'esame quando segui un corso Cambridge. Gli obiettivi di apprendimento sono suddivisi in cinque aree principali: Reading Listening Speaking Writing Use of English È la Use of English a dettare il resto: la tua grammatica di base. [...]

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Study tips for your CAE & PCE exam


  As spring arrives so does the home-run towards your CAE and PCE English exam. It can be hard to identify the best way to study for these high-level English exams, so we’ve outlined some helpful tips to ensure you show up prepared and confident! Studying is holistic At this level, the best way to study is to understand how everything feeds into one-another. You need to study grammar, but you need to be able to identify how to use it in the exam. You need advanced knowledge of fixed expressions, collocations and every-day English, so reading is going to be [...]

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5 Tips for Passing Your Cambridge Written Exam


5 tips for passing your Cambridge writing exam We had such a great response to our “5 Tips for Passing your Cambridge Speaking Exam” that we thought we’d share some tips for the written exam. These apply for every level and some are useful for any written exam!  You can thank us later ;) Answer ALL the questions Sometimes nerves get the best of us, but the best way to approach this exam is to stay cool, calm and collected – and make sure you fully understand and answer the ENTIRE question. Not just a portion! Take your time and break [...]

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5 Tips for Passing your Cambridge Speaking Exam


As we prepare for exams, we wanted to share some of the top tips our students have been learning in their Armstrong classes for the speaking part of the exam. We’ve found these tips to be universal, for every level, and are worth keeping them in mind for when you’re practising on your own for the exam. So, without further ado 1.Ask politely! If you do not understand a question, remember you can always ask the examiner to repeat. Remember polite phrases such as: “Can you please repeat the question?” “Can you repeat that please?” And have them in your back [...]

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